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Blackstone Animal Hospital is devoted to your pet’s wellbeing.

Dr. Lindsey established Blackstone Animal Hospital in October of 2006, with the sole purpose of providing an animal care facility that is dedicated to being attentive, compassionate and providing the very best medical care for your pet, using modern equipment and advanced techniques. We pledge to spend sufficient time to educate you so you can understand your pet’s medical condition and make informed decisions about your pet’s medical care. Each family is different and each pet is unique; we will get to know you and your pet so we can provide the best care for your family. We will completely explain all recommended treatment and/or surgery and we will provide you with an estimate of fees before any treatment or surgery is performed.

Dr. Lindsey supports the clinical studies from the AVMA that indicates that some vaccinations have longer efficacies than 1 year, when correctly administered intervals are used. This does not imply that vaccines are unimportant, just that they need to be given at more appropriate intervals, which in most cases is 2-3 years. Please be aware that Dr. Lindsey and staff must follow City Ordinances of the city where pet owner lives, so this may not allow your pet to receive the longer vaccines. There are many other health related issues that are more important to your pet’s health, and those are the areas that we try to focus on. Blackstone Animal Hospital and Dr. Lindsey believe that semi-annual exams or annual exams, along with appropriate diagnostic blood testing is the best way for us to keep your pet healthy by detecting problems early in the course of a disease, when most problems are treated more easily and successfully. This is the main reason that we have invested in such technologies as blood testing equipment, x-rays and ultrasounds.

Our experienced, trained and dedicated support staff will go out of their way to make sure you are well-informed and satisfied and that your pet receives the best medical care they need.

Blackstone Animal Hospital provides full service veterinary care to all small animals. Services we provide include medical, surgical, wellness, and dental services. We have a clean, modern, well equipped facility with advanced diagnostic equipment.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s exam or to speak to any of our qualified staff members about any questions you may have about Blackstone Animal Hospital, Dr. Lindsey or our services.

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We are temporarily closed on Saturdays due to COVID-19 and will re-open when restrictions are cleared.